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An Illustrated Tolkien Bibliography Notes on The History of Middle-earth

The Complete History of Middle-earth - Slipcased setThis area of the site consists of several short articles detailing a variety of aspects of interest to collectors of books from The History of Middle-earth.

A Guide to the Contents - Added Jan08 - a guide to the contents of each volume in the series.

Prices on Dustwrappers - Updated Mar07 - illustrates the various ways that dustwrappers have been priced, and discusses which (if any) should be thought of as being the earliest state.

Original Retail Prices - Updated Oct05 - a breakdown of how much the books cost originally, and when the prices were increased.

Print Run Sizes - Updated Mar07 - a summary of the information given in Wayne Hammond's bibliography, together with information supplied by HarperCollins.

When Were the Guild Editions Published? - Updated Oct05 - discusses a possible error in Hammond's Tolkien bibliography

The Shaping of Middle-earth Dustwrapper - Updated Mar07 - illustrates and discusses the various states of the dustwrapper.

Was The Peoples of Middle-earth Pulped? - Updated Mar07 - discusses the rumour, identifies a possible origin and gives a definitive answer.

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