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Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose. 1921
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Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose. 1921Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose [With Glossary]
Edited by Kenneth Sisam
1st Edition 1921
Clarendon Press / Oxford University Press
Oxford / London
Hardback in dustwrapper
Not illustrated
Hammond Page Ref.: pp.281-282

Includes Tolkien’s glossary - A Middle English Vocabulary. See page 293 onwards.

A Middle English Vocabulary was not published until 1922. After it was published some copies were bound with 1st Impression copies of Sisam's book, while others were bound with the 2nd Impression. The two works were intended to be published together, but the publication of Tolkien’s contribution was delayed.

Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose continued to be issued both with and without Tolkien's glossary. Copies in a dark red binding include the glossary, whereas copies in a blue coloured binding do not.

Eight impressions issued, all similar:

1st Impression 1921
2nd Impression 1923
3rd Impression 1925
4th Impression 1928
5th Impression 1933
6th Impression 1937
7th Impression 1944
8th Impression 1946

The shade of the grey paper used for the dustwrapper varied significantly between impressions. Earlier impressions used a pale grey-green paper similar to that used for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Later impressions used the grey paper shown opposite.

The corrigenda printed on the last page of 1st Impression copies of A Middle English Vocabulary were incorporated into the text of the 2nd Impression of Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose.

The text was corrected for the 6th Impression.

Later impressions (1937 onwards?) record the 3rd Impression as being issued in 1924 and the 4th Impression in 1927.

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