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Year's Work in English Studies 1924
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Year's Work in English Studies 1924The Year's Work in English Studies 1924
Edited by F.S. Boas and C.H. Herford
Vol. V
Published 1926
The English Association / Oxford University Press
Not illustrated
Hammond Page Ref.: pp.287-288

Contains Tolkien’s review essay Philology: General Works.

This covers philological books and articles published in 1924. In his introduction Tolkien comments on the increasing number and scope of philological publications and blurring of the lines between philology and related disciplines. As with the previous volume, Tolkien discusses the latest section of the OED to be published (Whisking-Wilfulness) which includes some of the words he worked on during his time at the Dictionary.

See pp.26-65.

1,200 copies printed.

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