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Tolkien Papers. 1967 (c.1980s?)
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Tolkien Papers. 1967 (c.1980s?)The Tolkien Papers
Edited by J.T. Hansen, et al
Mankato State University Studies.
Vol. 2, No. 1
February 1967
Mankato Studies in English, No. 2
Reprint Edition (c.1980s?)
Mankato State University
ISBN: None
Staple bound in thin card wrappers
Cover illustration by ‘PM’
Hammond Page Ref.: p.294

The Poetry of J.R.R. Tolkien, an essay by George Burke Johnston, reprints Tolkien’s poem The Root of the Boot from Songs for the Philologists.

See pp.63-75, but especially pp.68-69.

The fact that this edition refers to Mankato State University rather than Mankato State College, indicates that it is a later reprint - MSC was renamed MSU in 1975, a name that was in use until 1998.

The estimated date given above is largely arbitrary, but the papers were printed both separately and as a collection by the American Tolkien Society between December 1975 and October 1978, so the odds of them also being reprinted by MSU at that time seem low.

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