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Christopher Tolkien Bibliography

I Think I've Got A Hobbit

Missing Images

Nasty Tricksy Hobbits

Printing and Binding The Hobbit

Songs for the Philologists

The Princess Hobbits

Tolkien Calendars

Tolkien the Esperantist?

Tolkien's Languages and Alphabets

Unpublished Manuscript Found?

Publishing The Lord of the Rings

The First Impression of RotK

VI  The First Boxed Edition

VII  The Readers Union Edition

VIII  The First Deluxe Edition

IX  Printing and Binding LotR

XIV  LotR - A Bibliography

XV  LotR - A Bibliography of Slipcases

The History of Middle-earth series

A Guide to the Contents

II  Prices on Dustwrappers

III  Original Retail Prices

IV  Print Run Sizes

The Guild Publishing Editions

VI  Shaping of Middle-earth Wrapper

VII  Peoples of Middle-earth Pulped?

Proof Copy of The Two TowersThe Early Publishing History of The Lord of the Rings - A series of articles that will, when completed, trace the publishing history of The Lord of the Rings, from Tolkien's attempts to secure the publication of both LotR and The Silmarillion in the early 1950s through to the publication of the Second Edition in the mid-1960s.

Notes on the History of Middle-earth Series - A series of articles covering various aspects of the HoMe series.

Printing and Binding The Hobbit - Hobbit collectors may be interested in details of print run sizes for the First and Second Editions of The Hobbit.

Tolkien's Languages and Alphabets - A chronological listing of articles that reproduce previously unpublished notes and essays concerning Tolkien's invented languages and alphabets.

Tolkien Calendars - A brief history of 'official' British calendars from 1974 to the present.

Nasty Tricksy Hobbits - Not all signatures are what they appear to be.

Christopher Tolkien - A Chronological Bibliography.

The Princess Hobbits - Details of the only abridged version of The Hobbit - a serialisation in Princess magazine.

Tolkien the Esperantist? - Esperanto is a invented language, so was naturally of interest to the Professor.

Songs for the Philologists - Details of Tolkien's contributions to this very rare booklet.

Unpublished Tolkien Manuscript Found? - An article from The Sunday Times about Tolkien's translation of Beowulf followed by a related article by Michael Drout.

I Think I've Got A Hobbit - A Collector's Tale.

Missing Images - Do you have copies of any of these books? Can you send me an image?


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