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1910-1937 - The Early Years

1937 - The Hobbit

1938-1953 - The Middle Years

1954-1955 - The Lord of the Rings

1955-1973 - The Later Years

1974-1990 - After Tolkien Part 1

1991 Onwards - After Tolkien Part 2

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King Edward's School Chronicle. Contains Debating Society Report. 1910
King Edward's School Chronicle. Contains Debating Society Report. 1910
King Edward's School Chronicle. Contains Debating Society Report. 1911
King Edward's School Chronicle. Contains The Battle of the Eastern Field and Acta Senatus. 1911
King Edward's School Chronicle. Contains Editorial and Debating Society Report. 1911
King Edward's School Chronicle. Contains Editorial. 1911
Stapeldon Magazine. Contains From the many-willow'd margin of the immemorial Thames. 1913
Rules of the Exeter College Essay Club. 1914
Oxford Poetry 1915. Ed. G.D.H.Cole & T.W.Earp. Contains Goblin Feet. 1915
A Spring Harvest. Geoffrey Bache Smith. Contains Preface by JRRT. 1918
Stapeldon Magazine. Contains The Happy Mariners. 1920
Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose. Ed. K.Sisam. Includes A Middle English Vocabulary. 1921
A Middle English Vocabulary. 1922
Gryphon, The. Contains The Clerke's Compleinte. 1922
Gryphon, The. Contains Iumonna Gold Galdre Bewunden. 1923
Microcosm, The. Ed. Dorothy Una Ratcliffe. Contains The City of the Gods. 1923
Times Literary Supplement. Contains Holy Maidenhood. 1923
A Northern Venture. 1923
Bulletin of the Modern Humanities Research Association. Contains Henry Bradley, 3 Dec. 1845-23 May 1923. 1923
Yorkshire Poetry. Contains The cat and the fiddle: A nursery-rhyme undone and its scandalous secret unlocked. 1923
Leeds University Verse 1914-1924. 1924
Year's Work in English Studies 1923. Ed. Lee & Boas. Review - Philology. 1924
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Ed. Tolkien & Gordon. 1925
Review of English Studies. Contains Some Contributions to Middle English Lexicography. 1925
Gryphon, The. Contains Light as Leaf on Lindentree. 1925
Review of English Studies. Contains The Devil's Coach-Horses. 1925
Transactions of the Honourable Society Cymmrodorion Session 1923-24. Contains a translation into Middle English. 1925
Year's Work in English Studies 1924. Ed. Boas & Hereford. Review - Philology. 1926
Year's Work in English Studies 1925. Ed. Boas & Herford. Review - Philology. 1927
Stapeldon Magazine. Contains Adventures in Unnatural History and Medieval Metres, being the Freaks of Fisiogus. 1927
Realities: An Anthology of Verse. Ed. Gwendoline S.Tancred. Contains The Nameless Land. 1927
A New Glossary of the Dialect of the Huddersfield District. Walter E. Haigh. Foreword by JRRT. 1928
Essays and Studies 1929. Ed. H.W.Gerrod. Contains Ancrene Wisse. 1929
Oxford Magazine. Contains The Oxford English School. 1930
Oxford Magazine. Contains Progress in Bimble Town. 1931
British Esperantist. Contains letter A Philologist on Esperanto. 1932
Report on Excavation of the Prehistoric, Roman and Post Roman Site in Lydney Park, Gloucestershire. Wheeler & Wheeler. Contains Appendix I: The Name "Nodens". 1932
Medium Aevum. Contains Sigelwara Land (Part 1). 1932
Oxford Magazine. Contains Errantry. 1933
Chronicle, The. Contains Firiel. 1934
Oxford Magazine. Contains Looney. 1934
Oxford Magazine. Contains The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. 1934
Medium Aevum. Contains Sigelwara Land (Part 2). 1934
Transactions of the Philological Society. Contains Chaucer as a Philologist: The Reeve's Tale. 1934
Songs for the Philologists. 1936
Oxford Magazine. Contains The Dragon's Visit. 1937
Oxford Magazine. Contains Knocking at the Door: Lines induced by sensations when waiting for an answer. 1937
Oxford Magazine. Contains Iumonna Gold Galdre Bewunden. 1937
Beowulf: The Monsters and The Critics. 1937
Hobbit, The. 1937
Observer, The. Contains a Letter to the Editor - Reply to a letter by "Habit". 1938
Reeve's Tale - Version Prepared for Summer Diversions, Oxford. 1939
Beowulf and the Finnesburg Fragment. John R. Clark Hall & C.L.Wrenn. Prefatory Remarks by JRRT. 1940
Sir Orfeo. 1944
Catholic Herald. Contains The Name Coventry - Letter to the editor. 1945
Dublin Review. Contains Leaf by Niggle. 1945
Welsh Review. Contains The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun. 1945
Sunday Times. Contains Research v. Literature. 1946
Essays Presented to Charles Williams. Contains On Fairy Stories. 1947
English Studies. (with S.R.T.O. d'Ardenne) Contains "iþþlen" in Sawles Warde. 1947
Studia Neophilologica. (with SRTO. d'Ardenne) Contains MS. Bodley 34: A Re-Collation of a Collation. 1948
Farmer Giles of Ham. 1949
Pearl. Ed. E.V.Gordon. Contains Form and Purpose. 1953
Essais de Philologie Moderne. Contains Middle English "Losenger". 1953
Essays and Studies 1953. Ed. Geoffrey Bullough. Contains The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth. 1953
Radio Times. Contains A Fourteenth-Century Romance. 1953
The Fellowship of the Ring. 1954
The Two Towers. 1954
The Return of the King. 1955
The Lord of the Rings. 1954-5
Ancrene Riwle. M.B.Salu. Contains Preface by JRRT. 1955
Time and Tide. Contains Imram. 1955
Old English Apollonius of Tyre. Ed. Peter Goolden. Contains Prefatory Note by JRRT. 1958
Triode. Contains a letter to the editor - Comments to Arthur R. Weir, "No Monroe in Lothlorien!" 1960
Ancrene Wisse. 1962
Adventures of Tom Bombadil. 1962
Angles and Britons. Contains English and Welsh. 1963
Tree and Leaf. 1964
Winter's Tales for Children 1. Ed. Caroline Hillier. Contains The Dragon's Visit and Once Upon a Time. 1965
Tolkien Journal. Includes A Elbereth Gilthoniel with an English translation. 1966
Jerusalem Bible. 1966
Diplomat. Contains Tolkien on Tolkien. 1966
Shenandoah: The Washington and Lee University Review. Contains For W.H.A. 1967
Smith of Wootton Major. 1967
Road Goes Ever On, The. 1968
Attacks of Taste. Eds. Byrne & Penzler. 1971
Daily Telegraph. Contains Beautiful Place because Trees are Loved - Letter to the editor in response to an editorial. 1972
Bilbo's Last Song. 1974
Farmer Giles of Ham [and] The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. 1975
Tree and Leaf, Smith of Wootton Major [and] The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth. 1975
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl [and] Sir Orfeo. 1975
A Tolkien Compass. Ed. Jared Lobdell. Contains Guide to the Names in The Lord of the Rings. 1975
Drawings by Tolkien. 1976
The Father Christmas Letters. 1976
The Silmarillion. 1977
J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography. Humphrey Carpenter. 1977
Tolkien and the Silmarillion. Clyde Kilby. 1977
A Elbereth Gilthoniel. Contains poem Doworst. 1978
The Inklings. Humphrey Carpenter. 1978
Pictures by J.R.R.Tolkien. 1979
J.R.R. Tolkien: Scholar and Storyteller. Ed. Salu & Farrell. Contains Valedictory Address. 1979
Precious Stones. Extracts in a bookseller's catalogue. 1980
Poems and Stories. 1980
The Lord of the Rings: Souvenir booklet commemorating 25 years of its publication. 1980
Unfinished Tales. 1980
The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien. Ed. Humphrey Carpenter. 1981
Old English Exodus. Ed. Turville-Petre. 1981
Quettar. Includes The Tengwar Numerals. 1982
Mr. Bliss. 1982
Finn and Hengest. Ed. Alan Bliss. 1982
The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays. 1983
The History of Middle-earth. 1983-96
Book of Lost Tales, Part I. 1983
Smith of Wootton Major and Leaf by Niggle. 1983
Book of Lost Tales, Part II. 1984
The Manuscripts of JRRT. 1984
Oliphaunt. 1984
Lays of Beleriand. 1985
J.R.R. Tolkien's Letters to Rhona Beare. 1985
Shaping of Middle-earth. 1986
Lost Road and Other Writings. 1987
Selections from the Marquette J.R.R. Tolkien Collection. 1987
J.R.R.Tolkien: The Hobbit Drawings, Watercolors, and Manuscripts. 1987
Return of the Shadow. 1988
Mythlore 56. Contains Narqelion. 1988
Treason of Isengard. 1989
War of the Ring. 1990
Leaves from the Tree: J.R.R. Tolkien's Shorter Fiction. Shippey, et al. 1991
Sauron Defeated. 1992
Tolkien: Life and Legend. 1992
Morgoth's Ring. 1993
Poems by J.R.R. Tolkien. 1993
War of the Jewels. 1994
The Tale of Gondolin. Adapted by Alex Lewis. 1994
J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator. Hammond & Scull. 1995
Proceedings of the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference. Ed Reynolds & Goodnight 1995
Mythos Journal. Contains extensive quotes from an unpublished essay on Smith of Wootton Major. 1995
Peoples of Middle-earth. 1996
A Question of Time. Verlyn Flieger. Quotes several unpublished sources and reproduces two manuscript pages. 1997
Tales from the Perilous Realm. 1997
Roverandom. Ed. Scull & Hammond. 1998
End of the Third Age. 1998
Vinyar Tengwar 41. Includes Etymological Notes on the Ósanwe-kenta, From the Shibboleth of Fëanor, Notes on Óre. 2000
Parma Eldalamberon 13. Contains The Alphabet of Rúmil and Early Noldorin Fragments. 2001
Vinyar Tengwar 42. Contains The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor and Negation in Quenya. 2001
Vinyar Tengwar 43. Contains Words of Joy: Five Catholic Prayers Part One. 2002
Vinyar Tengwar 44. Contains Words of Joy: Five Catholic Prayers Part Two. 2002
Beowulf and the Critics. Ed. Drout. 2002
Tolkien and the Great War. John Garth. 2003
Vinyar Tengwar 45. Contains Addenda and Corrigenda to the Etymologies Part One. 2003
Parma Eldalamberon 14. Contains Early Qenya & Valmaric. 2003
Parma Eldalamberon 15. Contains Sí Qente Feanor and Other Elvish Writings. 2004
Vinyar Tengwar 46. Contains Addenda and Corrigenda to the Etymologies Part Two. 2004
The Invented Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien. 2004
Vinyar Tengwar 47. Contains Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals and Related Writings Part One. 2005
Keys of Middle-earth. Lee and Solopova. Contains extracts from Tolkien's academic writings. 2005
Vinyar Tengwar 48. Contains Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals and Related Writings Part Two. 2005
The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion. Hammond & Scull. 2005
Parma Eldalamberon 16. Contains Early Elvish Poetry and Pre-Fëanorian Alphabets. 2006
Ring of Words, The. Gilliver, Marshall and Weiner. 2006
J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide: Chronology. Scull and Hammond. 2006
J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide: Reader's Guide. Scull and Hammond. 2006
Children of Húrin. 2007
Mr. Baggins. 2007
Return to Bag-End. 2007
Vinyar Tengwar 49. Contains Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals and Related Writings Part Three. 2007
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