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Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals. 2007
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Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals. 2007Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals and Related Writings
The Collected Vinyar Tengwar

Edited by Carl F. Hostetter
Special Series 3, Issues 47-49, 2007
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
ISSN 10547606
Paperback and Coil-bound formats
Cover illustration by Patrick Wynne
Hammond Page Ref.: None

Collects three issues of the journal. Distributed on a print-on-demand basis by Issued in two formats - Paperback and Coil-bound.

Contains all three parts of the series Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals and Related Writings edited by Patrick H. Wynne.

This is a four part collection of late texts (c.1968).

Part I
Eldarin Hands, Fingers & Numerals - an unfinished "historical-philological" essay by Tolkien that discusses Eldarin words for hands, fingers and toes, and shows how the finger names were related to numbers. Also included is a related essay concerning the numerical stems neter 9, kanat 4 and enek 6; and extensive notes by the editor that draw on Tolkien's contemporary unpublished writings.

Part II
Synopsis of Pengoloð's Eldarinwe Leperi are Notessi - this provides names for fingers and numerals 1-12, and gives an account of the document's rescue from the destruction of Númenor. It is followed by Appendices discussing the numbers 6, 11 and 12, as well as Quenya fractions.

Part III
Variation D/L in Common Eldarin gives information on Eldarin base structure, and is followed by The Problem of Lhûn, a collation (with commentary) of Tolkien's notes on the etymology of the river-name.

Part IV
The Ambidexters Sentence - includes seven versions of a Quenya sentence.

This issue also contains Five Late Quenya Volitive Inscriptions edited by Carl F. Hostetter. This consists of five Quenya phrases composed (c.1964-69) to be used as inscriptions, two of which are written in tengwar. The phrases and commentary are followed by two Appendices that reproduce notes by Tolkien: Quenya Personal Pronominal Forms (June 1964) and "Quenya Pronominal Elements" (c.1968).

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