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History of Middle-earth. 2002
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History of Middle-earth. 2002The History of Middle-earth
J.R.R. Tolkien
Edited by Christopher Tolkien
2002 Edition
ISBN 0007105088
Hardbacks - Issued in a slipcase
Not illustrated
Hammond Page Ref.: None

This slipcased set includes:

The History of Middle-earth, Part I
The History of Middle-earth, Part II
The History of Middle-earth, Part III

The first issue of this slipcase was filled with 1st impressions. A later set has been seen that contains 6th/5th/5th impressions.

A Guide to the Contents of this volume can be found in the Articles section.

The ISBN for this edition (0007105088) was previously connected to a Deluxe India Paper slipcased set that collected Parts I, II and III of the Deluxe Edition of The History of Middle-earth. Production problems meant that this edition was not formally issued, although one or two have been offered for sale in the years since.

According to David Brawn of HarperCollins:

"We had planned a slipcased set, but unfortunately a production problem resulted in the heights of the three volumes being marginally different, which meant the slipcases didn't really look good enough. A few prototype empty slipcases were produced, and I think that as we had them we sent a couple out to people who wrote in at the time specifically asking for one, but as far as I can remember we never did a production run. We ended up producing a much more successful trilogy of combined volumes without the anguish of Bible paper, leather binding, and all the production headaches those things entailed! We did release that set in a slipcase for a while."

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